Cloud Providers You Didn’t Know About

We all know about AWS, Azure, Google cloud – maybe even Huawei’s cloud. But did you know there is a world of cloud providers out there besides the big players in the game? If you didn’t, this blog is for you! You’ll discover that you can find cloud providers that provide cloud services at a small fraction of the cost the big guys charge. Now, that may mean a more bare bones offering or it might not be right for your organization – but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t at least know about these other providers when you make the decision about what cloud provider to use.


Hetzner is a Germany based company that has data centers all over the world – even in Virginia now! Hetzner is an amazingly cost effective cloud provider, offering cloud services at a small fraction of the costs of AWS and Azure. Typically machines in Hetzner are Linux based – though you can pay them extra to provision you Windows images. Look at Hetzner if you’re proficient in Linux and would like a bare bones, yet extremely affordable, cloud option that is focused on privacy and sustainability (they try to be very environmentally friendly).

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a United States based cloud provider that specializes in affordable services, particularly for developers. If you have a need for an affordable cloud providers, but one that is USA based – these guys could be for you. The platform is also much more straight forward, simple, and somewhat more bare bones than the offerings of AWS and Azure.


Storj offers itself as a decentralized cloud offering. Storj relies on a network of user’s computers to rent space for file storage and other cloud processes. All parties can benefit from this situation – if you have excess bandwidth and storage capabilities, you can rent them. If you need these services, Storj provides a decentralized way for you to achieve this, without the privacy implications of Amazon or Azure. As a bonus, Storj is cryptocurrency powered – for some organizations that might not be a good thing, but might be wonderful for others. Keep in mind that Storj’s cloud storage prices are close to unbeatable.

There are many other providers in the cloud space – these are just a few of the lesser known players. However, I highly encourage you to do as much research as you can when it comes to identifying a cloud provider you want to use. Knowing about your alternatives may help you save a tremendous amount of money, or simply identify a more appropriate solution for your business needs.

Let me know what you think!