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Focality operates with the philsophy that technology derives meaning from the people that use it; without user endorsement, even the most technically sound solutions would fail. Focality aims to provide innovative service that focuses on that human side of IT & GIS. You will always deal with a real person at Focality - and hopefully get to know the unique staff, for better or worse!

Lindsay | Lead GIS Consultant and Owner

Lindsay has spent her professional career working in a diverse array of GIS settings, from utilities to commodities to the cloud. As a jack of all trades, Lindsay welcomes new challenges. In her off time, Lindsay is a passionate rock climber and loves dogs.

Rachel | GIS Analyst

Rachel works with Focality as a GIS Analyst. With extensive experience in local government, Rachel is also a professional jack of all trades. When she’s not solving the world’s most complicated geospatial problems, Rachel’s an enthusiast of the outdoors and dogs.

Andrew | Developer

Andrew works with Focality as a Python developer. Professionally, he has diverse experiencing ranging from geophysics to machine learning, and always enjoys a new challenge. In his free time, Andrew enjoys solving the many mysteries of the universe, good beer, and dogs.

Phil | GIS Analyst

Phil works with Focality as a GIS Analyst. Phil’s work experience spans from administering the Enterprise platform to database administration to utility-specific modeling and geospatial analysis. In his free time, Phil keeps the ski slopes in business, enjoys good beer, and – you guessed it – dogs.

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