Get to know Focality

Focality operates with the philsophy that technology derives meaning from the people that use it; without user endorsement, even the most advanced solutions can fail. Focality aims to provide innovative service that focuses on that human side of IT & GIS. Get to know our core staff below. Each person on the Focality team has advanced professional credentials in their discipline and the ability to make even the most complex technology decisions straight forward and understandable.

Lindsay | Lead GIS Consultant and Owner

Lindsay has spent her professional career working in a diverse array of GIS and IT settings, from utilities to commodities to the cloud. Lindsay loves a good database problem, and designing innovative cloud architectures. As a jack of all trades, Lindsay welcomes new challenges. In her off time, Lindsay is an avid rock climber and passionate about personal privacy in the digital world.

Jason | Senior Account Manager

In addition to being the most fun person to work with, Jason has a long and diverse career in advising businesses on the best products to meet their needs. Whether it's customer service or technical advice, Jason is sure to make you feel comfortable while making even the most complex technical decisions. In his free time, Jason is always on the lookout for good live music.

Phil | GIS Analyst

Phil works with Focality as a GIS Analyst. Phil's work experience spans the administration of enterprise GIS platforms to utility-specific modeling and geospatial analysis. If you are seeking the newest and greatest ArcGIS Enterprise solutions, Phil is your guy. Don't forget to ask him about your most complex electrical distribution questions. In his free time, Phil keeps the ski slopes in business and good beer.

Rachel | GIS Analyst

Rachel works with Focality as a GIS Analyst. With extensive experience in local government, Rachel understands the challenges that small municipalities face - and the solutions that work for every size government. Rachel is also a professional jack of all trades. When she's not solving the world's most complicated geospatial problems, Rachel's an enthusiast of any activity outdoors.

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