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Focality can assist with projects where the stock solution only gets you partially what you need.

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Focality approaches GIS and IT as people-centric disciplines, from customer service to project management to training.

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With our proven track record of determination, customer service, and technical expertise you can feel good putting your trust in Focality.

Focality's Specialties

Technology is continuously changing. With a dizzying pace of development and innovation, it can be difficult to keep up with. Focality can help you get back to the fun parts of IT and GIS by offering people-oriented technical solutions that keep up with the pace of technology.

Core to Focality's business model is the concept that IT is ultimately about people. Without the right experienced perspective, even the best development projects can fail. Bring Focality in on your next project to see the difference that expertise, customer service, and experience make in your bottom line.
With extensive experience in cloud-based and GIS specific development, Focality can provide a full suite of pre-made and custom designed tools to automate, improve, and streamline.
Cloud technologies offer a stunning array of functionality. Having a professional who knows how to price, architect, and deploy cloud solutions can have an invaluable impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. Focality works with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft's Azure, Google Cloud, and international cloud providers such as Hetzner.
The ArcGIS Enterprise platform, including ArcGIS Server and Portal, are changing and improving continuously. Focality can help you leverage the power of your data in the newest and most innovative ways. From deployments to customization, Focality offers full service for the enterprise platform, as well as full support for desktop applications including ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.
Maybe you're on a shoestring budget or maybe you want to explore outside the ArcGIS world; whatever the reason, Focality can help. With experience in QGIS, Geonode, Geoserver, Leaflet, and other open source platforms, Focality can offer expertise to guide your open source decisions.
With everything that your IT or GIS department can do with innovative applications, you're sure to see more users as these applications develop. New users may not have a background in IT or GIS - or they may be seasoned veterans. Focality can provide the training to ensure that you get the most out of your technology investment.
Even the most advanced IT and GIS programs struggle to create effective workflows the first time around. Skip the troubleshooting, and work with a professional that has seen what works and what doesn't, and can guide you to your optimized solution.

Focality is more than you think

Do you have a project that falls into a different category? Traditional geospatial analysis? A problem you've been stuck on? Send an email for more information on other projects Focality can help you with.

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