Geospatial Consulting

make it exactly how you want IT

Focality can assist with projects where the stock solution only gets you partially what you need.

It's about the people

Focality approaches GIS as a people-centric discipline, from customer service to project management to training.

Award us your trust

With our proven track record of determination, customer service, and technical expertise you can feel good putting your trust in Focality.

Focality's Specialties

The GIS discipline is continuously changing. With a dizzying pace of new technologies, and a tighter tie-in with IT, it can be difficult to keep up with. Focality can help you get back to the fun parts of GIS by offering people-driven technical solutions that keep up with the pace of technology.

Focality is more than you think

Do you have a project that falls into a different category? Traditional geospatial analysis? A problem you've been stuck on? Send an email for more information on other projects Focality can help you with.

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